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The Story of Horsham Gingerbread Bakehouse

Founded by Lesley Ward in 2013 the Horsham Gingerbread Bakehouse produces distinctively delicious gingerbreads and gluten-free biscuits.

The town of Horsham in West Sussex was once famous for its gingerbread production. It was the notion of reviving this fame and her vast collection of historic, handwritten recipes that inspired Lesley to develop her range of products.

Baked in small batches at a family bakery near Chichester in West Sussex, all of the gingerbreads and biscuits are made with the finest natural and locally sourced ingredients.

Horsham Gingerbread: Lesley, Anna and Lucy

Anna, Lesley and Lucy

Quality control department

Very much a family business Lesley and her daughters continue to experiment with old recipes and new flavours to develop the Bakehouse’s range of products.

“I had a mother who preferred gardening to cooking, so my own love of cookery was born from my very first lesson at school. I have always cooked with my own daughters as it seemed an easy way of entertaining them, and like me (and their father) they love good food.”


“As a family, we have always baked together and since mum started the Horsham Gingerbread Bakehouse we have all enjoyed being a part of the process – my husband and children particularly love being taste testers!”


“Mum is such an inspiration – just when we thought she was going to slow down she decides to start another business. It shouldn’t have been a surprise though because she hates to be bored and is such a good cook!”


Naturally Gluten Free

All of our products apart from the original recipe gingerbread are gluten-free.

We use linseed meal grown and processed by Durwin Banks and his family at Barns Green in West Sussex. It was this naturally gluten-free product, with its delicious nutty flavour, that inspired Lesley to create her range of biscuits. Determined not to use xanthan gum – far too modern – instead, we use black treacle or local honey, which make excellent replacements for the missing gluten.

The original gingerbread is made on separate days to the gluten-free products, and contains local wholemeal flour.

Lesley and Horsham Gingerbread featured on the popular BBC series Escape To The Country

“We happened across your wonderful biscuits last weekend and I’m afraid we’re hooked – the best accompaniment to cheese ever!”

Kate Kingsmill

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