Our resolution is to make this newsletter a monthly affair!

This should be easier to adhere to than a dry January ☺

Spotlight on our lovely retailers

Each month, we will shine a light on one of our retailers. This month we would like to present

Pallant of Arundel

17 High Street, Arundel, West Sussex

This lovely shop is run by Mark and Jonathan, who have sold our products from day one, back when we only had our trays of original gingerbread to offer. They have been incredibly supportive and are always a delight to deliver to. If Lesley delivers to them she has to take her purse in with her, as she rarely leaves empty-handed, particularly when Portuguese custard tarts are sitting on the counter!

Mark and Jonathan have been custodians of Pallant of Arundel for nearly 14 years now, taking over the business in 2007, although there has been a grocery shop on this site on Arundel’s Town Square for hundreds of years (the attached photograph was taken circa 1900 with little of the exterior of the building changing since then).

In more recent times the business Pallant Wines was established in Chichester on North Pallant before moving premises to Arundel in the early 1990s. With time a small selection of cheeses and deli items became a more comprehensive range, ever expanding, until today the shop is home to one of the best cheese counters in Sussex. However, with a selection of over 250 wines, beers and spirits, Pallant of Arundel remains a destination wine merchant as well.

Recipe Corner

Zesty Lemon Crunch: Makes 6 – 8 portions

This pudding is like a cheesecake without the cheese, but with a softer, creamier topping than a traditional cheesecake. If you use Horsham Gingerbread biscuits for the base, it will also be gluten free.


For the Base

1 x 175g packet of Sweet Sussex Thins (or Sussex Gingerbread Thins, or Sussex Lemon Puddle Thins)

50 – 100g butter (salted or unsalted)

For the lemon topping
300ml Double or Whipping Cream
1 x can condensed milk (397g)
4 x lemons

Finishing Touches (if you want to!)
Strawberries or Grated Dark Chocolate

1. Crush the biscuits and mix with melted butter. For a crumbly biscuit base use 50g butter, for a more solid base (could be a bit challenging when eating!) use more butter.

2. Line your greased dish (about 8 – 9 inch diameter) with the biscuit mixture. You could use a loose bottomed cake tin if preferred. Chill this base in fridge.

3. Either remove zest from the lemons and chop it finely, or grate off the zest if you like hard work.

4. Cut the lemons in half and juice them. Strain the juice.

5. In a large bowl whip the cream until firm peaks form.

6. Fold into the cream the condensed milk, and lemon zest.

7. Slowly add the lemon juice – mix carefully. The mixture will begin to firm up a little.

8. Pour the lemon mixture onto the chilled biscuit base and return this to fridge

9. Once the pudding is thoroughly chilled (a couple of hours) either serve it up or decorate with strawberries, or grated chocolate. Another option is to layer sliced strawberries between the base and the lemon topping.

This pudding is not as firm as a cheesecake – more of a slightly sloppy, tiramisu type of texture, so servings will not be perfect looking slices, but they will taste delicious!

Bakehouse HQ Happenings

Our feathered gang are also in lockdown, and feeling pretty glum about it. Avian flu hit the UK again at the end of 2020 so our ducks and chickens are now in four covered runs. Fortunately, our good friend, Leigh, was able to drop off a truck load of beech chippings, so at least we have managed to avoid a massive mud slide, particularly in the run that our messy ducks are in.

Mother nature quietly told the hens that spring is on its way, with a tiny lengthening of daylight each day, so since January 1st eggs have once again been laid – not many, but enough to keep Grandad happy!

A Special New Year Voucher For You

To add some cheer to the gloomiest few weeks of the year, we will add an extra box of biscuits to all orders of 4x biscuits when you use this voucher at the checkout before 12-02-21:


When you use this voucher you will receive 5 x biscuits instead of 4. (Don’t forget to tell us which variety you want in the notes section of the order form – if you do forget we will take a guess).

Why not spread a little sweetness by sending a lockdown biscuit gift to family or friends?