Last month we mentioned using a little piece of Gilt Gingerbread to quieten a fine bull.

So, what is Gilt Gingerbread?

Gilt gingerbread pressing by Ivan Day, 2019. Image courtesy of The Fitzwilliam Museum.

Gilt gingerbread was produced for the luxury end of the gingerbread market.

A gingerbread, decorated with gold leaf, rather than a plain gingerbread, would have been a very exciting gift to receive. We don’t know if the recipients of these shining works of art would have perhaps kept them on display for a while, rather than immediately sinking their teeth into them. Who knows?

So, the common saying ‘Take the gilt off the gingerbread’, which means to spoil something, now makes sense, as once you have licked the gold from your piece of luxury gingerbread, you have rather ruined its splendour.

 Spotlight on our lovely Retailers

This month we would like to present:

The Milk Churn

RH12 3DH

It all started with some cheese on toast…


The Milk Churn coffee shop is famed far and wide for its cheese on toast, made with its home-produced, delicious Sussex Charmer cheese.

Bookham Harrison are dairy farmers and cheesemakers on the Surrey Sussex border, midway between Guildford and Horsham.

Their Sussex Charmer Cheese is made using milk from their own herd of grass-fed cows. Based on a combination of two separate recipes, one a mature farmhouse cheddar and the other an Italian style hard cheese, this unique product has been wowing the national and international cheese scene for over a decade.


The Milk Churn is located adjacent to the Downs Link; a disused railway line, which has become a footpath, bridle path and cycle way linking Guildford to Shoreham, so it is very popular with cyclists and walkers.

In addition to Horsham Gingerbread products, you can buy Sussex Charmer cheese, chutney, butter, and other local goodies like honey and bread in their shop area.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday – 8.30am to 4.00pm

Saturday & Sunday – 10.00am to 4.00pm