Christmas Greetings!

This lovely old postcard was posted on 24th December 1903 at St Annes-On-
The-Sea, to Master Tony Wood, who lived at East Beach, Lytham. We can

safely assume, that unlike modern post, it would have been delivered either on

the day of posting or on Christmas day.

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LS Lowry would have been 16 in 1903. He loved Lytham St Annes (as the area
is now known), and he spent many happy holidays there. One of his earliest

known works was painted there in 1902, when he was 15 years old, and he

continued to sketch and paint it throughout his life.

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Our gingerbreads currently have their extra Christmas bands, and our Twelfth
Nights biscuits are now available, with information on the box about Sussex

customs in the past, when Sussex folk made merry, in order to get through the

cold, bleak winters.