Twelfth Nights Back in Stock…

We are pleased to announce that our very popular Christmas biscuits are now available on our website! Our gingerbreads will soon have their extra Christmas bands on, which feature our 130-year-old, precious family Christmas card.

Twelfth night biscuits
Twelfth night biscuits

The children’s clothes on the card are tiny cutouts made of velvet. They are extremely special to our family and very delicately made. Aren’t they lovely!

Family christmas card

A Spotlight on Our Lovely Retailers

This month we would like to present:

Village Greens Farm Shop

Farm shop

Coles Lane, Ockley, nr Dorking, Surrey RH5 5LS

Village Greens specialise in selling fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, including their own grown from their Victorian walled garden at Denbies Vineyard near Dorking, where they have a second farm shop. They also have growing fields at Ockley.

village greens farm shop
village greens farm shop

They sell over 60 products sourced from within a 20-mile radius of their shops.

village greens

Contact them on 01306 880720 or [email protected]

Latest News


You can now buy fresh fish every Monday (3 – 5pm) from John, who sets up a stand in their car park. John can be contacted on 07810 646275 if you have any special orders.

Christmas Food Fair

Village Greens are holding this special Christmas event at Denbies Wine Estate (RH5 6AA)

Look out for it on Sunday 21st November

12 – 4 pm.

Christmas food fair

Old Recipe Corner

There are so many unusual recipes and ingredients in Lesley’s collection of old cookery books and manuscripts…

In these modern times, we are used to having a huge choice of soft drinks to choose from. It is easy to forget that 200 years ago you had to make your own flavoured drinks or make do with water.

apple water

How to make apple water

The Housewife’s Directory, (Watson, 1825)

First, peel and slice some tart apples. Then add some sugar and lemon peel.

After this, pour some boiling water over the whole and let it stand in a covered jug by the fire for an hour or more. This is when it will be ready for use.


2 Cooking Apples

Zest from 2 lemons