Horsham Gingerbread Original – 10


10x Individual Bars – hand cut.

Inspired by a 200-year-old recipe, it captures the rich, intense flavours of Regency England through the use of old fashioned ingredients like black treacle, muscovado sugar and butter. Contains gluten, as it is made with local wholemeal flour from the Weald & Downland Living Museum, Chichester. Made on separate days to our gluten-free products. (strict clean down and gluten tests are carried out on gluten-free production/ bake days)



In 1803 Shelley asked his aunt to buy him some gingerbread from Horsham fair to take on a picnic. Gingerbread was such a popular treat that up until the First World War, gingerbread makers were established in towns & villages throughout East & West Sussex. Horsham was renowned for its gingerbread, but the industry died with its last gingerbread maker in 1917. Almost 100 years later we created our gingerbread from an old Shelley family recipe to recapture the flavour of this delicious, lost delicacy. Horsham Museum has an excellent display of wooden moulds from its town bakers. Visit: horshammuseum.org.

Handmade in Sussex, our gingerbread captures the rich, intense flavours of Regency England with local linseed meal from The Linseed Farm at Barns Green, candied peel, butter, and raw cane sugars.


Rolled Oats, Muscovado Sugar (19%), Salted Butter (milk)(16%), Black Treacle, Candied Orange & Lemon Peel (15%), Stoneground Wholemeal Wheat Flour, (12%), Ground Ginger. Made in a bakery where nuts are handled.

Nutritional Information

Typical Values Per 100g / Per Bar
ENERGY 1735 kj / 1041 kj
ENERGY 413 kcal / 248 kcal
FAT 16g / 9.6g
SATURATES 9.3g / 5.58g
SUGARS 39g / 23.4g
FIBRE 4.5g / 2.7g
PROTEIN 4.5g / 2.7g
SALT 0.36g / 0.22g


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