Almond & Dark Chocolate Sussex Alberts (Gluten-Free)


Box of 4 Packs



Richard Fuller was a resident of Chichester between 1759 & 1842. In the south alley of Chichester Cathedral’s cloisters, there are two wall monuments dedicated to Richard & members of his family. His cellar book & his daughter-in-law Maria’s book of recipes were the inspiration for our range of Chichester biscuits called Sussex Alberts.

In Maria Fuller’s handwritten cookery book, which she began in the early 1830s, she recorded details of how to make ‘An Albert’. This rich pudding contained ratafia cakes made with bitter almonds, a popular 18th & 19th-century flavouring. They were used in tiny quantities to enhance the taste of a dish. Partnering this with oats & dark chocolate has created an unusual, but delicious biscuit.


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